Samsung Officially releases 4 inch Mid-Range Jelly Bean Galaxy S III Mini

We have seen rumors and confirmations from Samsung VP about Galaxy S III mini – a mid sized version of its best selling Galaxy S III, and today its officially revealed at an event in Germany.Even though we knew what the size would be from the rumors, we weren’t sure about the rest.Samsung Galaxy S III mini is a mid range 4.1 jelly bean powered smartphone.

Coming more into specs, we’re looking at a 4-inch Super AMOLED display(not SAMOLED+ too bad) with an 800×480 resolution coming with a 1GHZ dual-core chip instead of that quad-core EXYNOS proc, along with 1GB of RAM and an NFC chip under the hood.Camera has been downgraded as compared to 8 MP from its big brother Samsung Galaxy S III. Galaxy S III mini has a 5-megapixel camera around back, and a VGA front-facing camera for video chat.

Samsung has certainly dilluted the Galaxy brand by throwing the word Galaxy on just about everything.But calling this phone a Galaxy S III mini is a step beyond that.This is basically a Galaxy S Advance or original Galaxy S with a better processor trying to look like an SIII.Although this device won’t win many fans, it will certainly drive marketshare for Samsung / Android if priced accordingly.It’s like a high end Galaxy Ace.It’s basically a two-year old Nexus S with one-year old internals.

As its similar look to Samsung Galaxy S Duos .just there is single sim in this mobile.

Nothing is know for the price per say but I would feel a moderate budget of 20k INR would be a good deal for those who are on a moderate budget.$49.99 on contract/$249.99 off contract and this thing could really make a name for itself. So lets see what Samsung will price it at ?Price in india will be around 19-24k approx..

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